TPEFTwo-Photon Excitation Fluorescence (microscopy)
TPEFTrenton Public Education Foundation (Trenton, NJ)
TPEFTiempo Promedio Entre Fallas (Spanish: Mean Time between Failures)
TPEFThe Paras Education Foundation (student loans; Mumbai, India)
TPEFTata Pure Equity Fund
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In our experiments, TPEF and SHG signals were collected between 420 and 680 nm (pseudocolored green) and between 390 and 410 nm (pseudocolored blue), respectively.
The mucin of mucosal cells exhibited no TPEF fluorescence and, therefore, showed a dark pattern in MPM images.
In some biopsies (n = 3; 9%) the collagen bundles in the lamina propria of BE showed the mixture of green and blue color instead of single blue color, coded because of its comparable SHG and TPEF signal yields at the same order of magnitude (Figure 3).
Vimentin is methylated in RKO, but not SW480; TPEF is methylated in RF-1, but not Capan2.
Methylated vimentin and TPEF were found mostly in MBD eluates with >0.