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TPEGTransport Protocol Exchange Group
TPEGTexas Public Education Grant ( financial aid)
TPEGTransport Protocol Experts Group
TPEGTobacco Program Evaluation Group (Colorado)
TPEGTwinning Programme Engineering Group (EU)
TPEGTransluminally Placed Endovascular Grafts (vascular surgery)
TPEGTransfemorally Placed Endoluminal Grafting
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Besides technical distribution channels such as TMC, TPEG or an interactive traffic maps on the Internet are to be fed with data.
TPEG is becoming widely adopted in the automotive area to deliver traffic information, both via radio broadcast and via IP for connected devices.
The service offers seven TV channels, 13 radio stations and one TPEG service.
A telematics service subscription is also required in order to use the handset's TPEG service.
HERE Real Time TPEG Traffic delivers up to the minute information about traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, including slower than normal traffic flow, road works and accidents - improving the accuracy of arrival times.
Ralf-Peter Schafer, Head of TomTom Traffic Product Unit, said: "We are very pleased to accelerate the availability of TomTom HD Traffic using common standards such as TPEG and OpenLR to provide premium traffic information for the entire road network.
TomTom has developed TPEG (an industry standard maintained by TISA) over IP service to deliver HD Traffic to automotive in-dash devices developed by other Tier-1s.
Polyether monomer is produced through the polymerization of ethylene oxide (EO) and other monomers and mainly falls into three categories in China: MPEG, APEG and TPEG.
These data services include advanced text information (DL Plus), slideshow, Electronic Program Guide and TPEG services.
Most of these services use a common standard like RDS TMC or TPEG but because the market is changing so quickly it has never been more important for the automotive industry to keep track of what is available in each country and how it is being delivered (FM, DAB, GPRS etc).
RDS TMC has become almost ubiquitous as the European standard for delivering traffic information to navigation systems, and TPEG is emerging as the next-generation approach for delivering higher quality traffic and travel content.
A growing number of vehicle manufacturers are actively planning or developing navigation systems capable of receiving next generation TPEG services.