TPEPTobacco Prevention and Education Program (health initiative)
TPEPTrusted Product Evaluation Program (National Computer Security Center)
TPEPTransition Program Execution Plan
TPEPTinnerman Palnut Engineered Products, Inc. (Brunswick, OH)
TPEPTemporary Positive Expiratory Pressure (Medical Products Research Srl)
TPEPTemporary Positive Expiratory Pressure
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pico] em bpm) e da distancia percorrida (em metros), dos cavalos da raca Arabe (GA) e da raca Crioula (GC), obtidos por meio da aplicacao do TPEP nos momentos pre (MO) e pos-treinamento (Ml).
Meet for up to eight (8) days determined by OSPI with the Equity Design Team and the developers of the current TPEP professional learning modules to develop activities and examples for these modules that highlight and develop educator skills in cultural competence.
Determine the need for and develop, as necessary, one or more specific modules that would address key aspects of cultural competence that may be added to the required TPEP trainings.
Members of the governor's own party in the House tried to introduce House Bill 3496 to protect TPEP funds, but no official public hearing was held on the bill, partly because Kulongoski showed no interest in protecting the funds allocated by voters for tobacco prevention and cessation programs.
It would have required 10 percent of the master settlement agreement payments from the tobacco companies to be used for TPEP.
To assess the effects of the tax increase and TPEP in Oregon, OHD evaluated data on the number of packs of cigarettes taxed before (1993-1996) and after (1997-1998) the ballot initiative and implementation of the program.
The Legislature should keep faith with voters and throw TPEP a bone by quickly restoring its 3 cents of the $1.