TPFETravail Personnel de Fin d'Etudes (French: Personal Graduation Work)
TPFETwo Phase Flow Experiment
TPFETrabajo Penitenciario y Formación Para el Empleo (Spanish: Prison Labor and Training for Employment)
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Fluon filled PTFE compounds and melt processable compounds, composed of pigments and fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite and metal powders, are molding powders that are said to enhance wear resistance, creep resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity over virgin TPFE resins.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-11 Introduction II-11 Historical Backdrop II-11 Major Characteristics of PTFE II-11 Properties II-12 Chemical and Physical Properties II-12 Low Friction II-12 High Bulk Resistance and Chemical Inertness II-12 Anti-Corrosive II-13 Optical II-13 Manufacturing Process II-13 Forms of PTFE II-13 Granular II-13 Fine Powder II-13 Dispersion II-13 Polymerization of TPFE II-14