TPFFTakoma Park Folk Festival (Takoma Park, Maryland)
TPFFTemporoparietal Fascial Flap (anatomy)
TPFFTipping Point Film Fund (London, England, UK)
TPFFTokyo Peace Film Festival (Japan)
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Renowned Contemporary Artist Larissa Sansour at TPFF
TPFF is thrilled to have artist Larissa Sansour at TPFF for three amazing events.
TPFF continues to screen many more excellent films including: Fix ME, Port of Memory, Jaffa The Orange's Clockwork and Shooting Muhammad.
The 3rd annual TPFF is taking place October 2-8, 2010.
TPFF invites all its fans to celebrate TPFF at the closing party at The Pilot (22 Cumberland St).
Thursday screenings at Innis Town Hall: Jaffa, The Orange's Clockwork (Eyal Sivan); Shooting Muhammad (Fransesco Cannito and Luca Cusani)The 3rd annual TPFF is taking place October 2-8, 2010.
In the afternoon, TPFF hosted a Panel - The State of Contemporary Palestinian Cinema with Palestinian cinematic great Michel Khleifi (Zindeeq) and Palestinian-Canadian producer Christina Piovesan (Amreeka).
ca The 5th annual TPFF takes place Sept 29- Oct 7, 2012.
He attended the second TPFF with his popular short film.
TPFF Budrus is hosting a free outdoor film screening of the documentary as part of its summer program.