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TPGSTocopherol Polyethylene Glycol Succinate
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0 g/kg/d Branched-chain amino acid supplements Fat Essential Oral vegetable/corn fatty acid oil or intravenous deficiency lipid emulsions Micronutrients Vitamin A Liver fibrosis Vitamin A 5 000-25 000 U/d po Hypercalcaemia Pseudotumor cerebri Painful bone lesions Vitamin D Hypercalcaemia Ergocalciferol: 3-10 times RDI Cholecalciferol based on Pseudotumor weight and vitamin D levels cerebri Weight <40 kg Weight >40 kg Nephrocalcinosis <10 ng/mL: <10 ng/mL: 100 U/kg/d 5 000 U/d 11-19 ng/mL: 11-19 ng/mL: 75 U/kg/d 4 000 U/d 20-29 ng/mL: 20-29 ng/mL: 50 U/kg/d 3 000 U/d Vitamin E Impaired Alpha-Tocopherol (acetate) neutrophil chemotaxis 25-200 IU/kg/d Potentiation TPGS (Luiqi E) 15-25 vitamin K IU/kg/d deficiency Coagulopathy Diarrhoea Hyperosmolality (TPGS) Vitamin K Vitamin K 2.
This environmentally friendly plant will be designed, built and operated by TPGS Green Energy, a joint venture between Tuas Power and Gas Supply.