TQiTeaching Quality Information (UK)
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TQITotal Quality Index
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At first, only three or four people would attend the TQI class, but then it kept growing-mostly by word of mouth-because it really works.
Founded in 1992, TQI utilizes industry-leading temperature-controlled equipment, 24-hour real-time monitoring and tracking technology, and layered security features and practices to provide its customers with a level of service that is unmatched in the industry today.
ADVICE: Paul Corcoran' WORDSMITH: Fiona Talbot, director of TQI Word Power Skills
based TQI presently specializes on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, and in addition even provides truckload and less-than-truckload brokerage transportation services.
Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision, explains, "For example, amid terrible press about the domestic brands, in 2007 TQI scores predicted Ford would reemerge as a leader in the US.
Volkswagen of America also had the greatest number of TQI leaders across the segments being measured than any other brand: Rabbit, Jetta, CC, New Beetle, Tiguan and Audi A4.
The Volkswagen Jetta, Chrysler 300C and BMW X5 were each TQI leaders.
TQI captures the more complete experience buyers have with his or her vehicle including rational and emotional connection.
Although Toyota improved overall with their TQI scores, the most significant change in 2007 is the lack of any Toyota brand segment leaders.
TQI captures the history, behavior and attribute ratings of 506 primary, secondary and tertiary attributes from the customers.
Though scoring well in TQI, Korean companies were shut out of top spots this year.