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TRACECATransport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (multilateral organization supported by the European Union)
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30 TRACECA program is an EU funded (partly) project on construction of a transport corridor between Europe, Caucasus and Asia.
53) TRACECA es un programa lanzado por la CE en 1993 para la construccion de un corredor de transporte entre Europa, Caucaso y Asia, con el objetivo de mejorar las rias de transporte a los mercados europeos y mundiales a traves de rutas alternativas, asi como de fomentar la cooperacion regional entre los paises participantes, actuando de catalizador de la inversion tanto privada como de la proveniente de las instituciones financieras internacionales.
22) The most comprehensive plan is the TRACECA (Transport Corridor-Europe-Caucasus-Asia) project.
and is located 20 kilometres from the centre of Almaty, close to the planned new outer ring road and the TRACECA trade corridor.
An Azerbaijani delegation took part in the 13th meeting of the TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) intergovernmental commission, held in Yerevan, and achieved all the set goals, a source in the Azerbaijani government said March 12.
The 13th TRACECA IGC annual meeting will be held on the 5-6th of March, 2018, in Yerevan, under the Chairmanship of Armenia.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov met with the Secretary General of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission of the TRACECA, Mircea Ciopraga, on November 16.
As the country are five existing international transport corridors: the northern Corridor of trans-Asian railway Main (TARM) southern Corridor of TARM, Central (Central Asian) corridor north - south and TRACECA.
Once created, the consortium will enable to speed up and coordinate the work on transporting goods from China to Europe, Akif Mustafayev, national secretary, member of the Governmental Commission on the Development of TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) told Trend.
The Iranian ambassador said that Akhoundi also addressed the TRACECA meeting.
The 11th annual meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA will be held in Istanbul on January 29, and I will raise this issue at a meeting with Uzbek transport minister," Asozoda said.
of transit routes in TRACECA transport of coal, oil and petroleum products, mineral fertilizers.