TRADEXTrial Action for Digital Object Exchange (project)
TRADEXTarget Resolution Discrimination Experiment
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Space tracking equipment--like the ALTAIR and TRADEX systems--allows RTS technicians to detect launches from Asia, as well as perform their space-monitoring mission.
Commenting on the agreement, Yaser Abdulqader Saeed said, "Our aim at TRADEX is to respond to our clients' needs by providing enhanced services that facilitate the car-buying process.
Omar Alqassab noted that the agreement with TRADEX will give ALLIANZ Takaful the opportunity to offer its insurance services to a range of new customers at TRADEX, and enable the Company to cater to the specific needs of a growing clientele in Bahrain.
MetalSite is built around technology from TRADEX Electronic Commerce Systems of Tampa, Fla.
The Altiga VPNs accelerated the deployment of TRADEX remote offices across the country by setting up lower end-cost links and allowing them to directly link to internal resources at our corporate headquarters," says Denis Darling, director of network services for TRADEX.
The before-and-after differences of VPN adoption at TRADEX are dramatic.
EVRAZ signed contract with TRADEX in December 2014.
Prior to DWL, John served as the Chief Operating Officer of TRADEX Technologies.