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TRALITransfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (adverse effect of a blood transfusion)
TRALITherapeutic Recreation Association of Long Island (New York)
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8] in 2004 postulated that TRALI is the most common transfusion-related fatality in the USA and the UK.
TRALI can occur during transfusion, or up to six hours after completion.
TRALI diagnosis criteria have been well established since 2004 and they must be considered for its early identification and treatment.
On the "balance of probabilities" the cause of death was TRALI, where the anti-bodies in the blood transfusion react against the patient's own anti-bodies.
TRALI cases have been associated with plasma from female donors, which is thought to be related to the presence of allotypic leukocyte antibodies in donors, stimulated by pregnancy and transfusions.
The Swiss data revealed that in Switzerland TRALI occurred in approximately every 8,000-20,000 fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfusions and the main cause of TRALI was immune mediated.
Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) deserves mention in the discussion of DAD/ARDS, as TRALI is increasingly recognized from a clinical standpoint.
The focus will be on acute reactions such as acute hemolytic transfusion reaction, bacterial contamination, TRALI, volume overload, and anaphylaxis.
Edema pulmonar Secundario a hipervolemia Reacciones transfusionales Fiebre, broncoespasmo, hipotension, dolor al plasma toracico, arritmias cardiacas, TRALI
Mrs Powell claimed during this time she spotted a document on a doctor's pad mentioning TRALI (transfusion related acute lung injury).
We report a case of TRALI occurring during elective repair of an infra-renal abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in a 71-year-old male.