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TRANCETechnical Research in Acoustic Neural Consciousness Enhancement
TRANCETNF-Related Activation-Induced Cytokine
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He waved his hands with an upward motion; and, after a few repetitions of similar gestures, the beautiful Alice Pyncheon awoke from her strange trance.
He observed that, to him, this trance looked more like a visitation of Satan than a proof of divine favour, and exhorted his friend to see that he hid no accursed thing within his soul.
Bridget Royce remained as if in a trance, staring at the sunlit garden in which a man had just vanished like a fairy.
Abraham, as he more fully awoke (for he had moved in a sort of trance so far), began to talk of the strange shapes assumed by the various dark objects against the sky; of this tree that looked like a raging tiger springing from a lair; of that which resembled a giant's head.
He felt dazed, as if he had wakened out of a trance.
In a trance I stood there gazing into her brave young eyes.
As in a trance, the girl rose, her hand upon her breast, wide eyes staring horror-stricken into the snarling face of the beast scarce ten feet from her.
The colonel still stared at my friend like a man in a trance.
he said at last, like one who rouses himself from a trance.
This evening he listened to Pierre in a sort of trance, and fancy- as we were going in to supper I looked and he had broken everything on my table to bits, and he told me of it himself at once
Katharine asked, waking a little from the trance into which movement among moving things had thrown her.
Of course I shall go on living as a man might do who had seen heaven in a trance.