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TRANSITTechnology Review Assistance Notification Standards Integration and Testing Program (Joint Program Executive Office JPEO for Chemical and Biological Defense)
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The bearer of this letter will tell you, madame, what I dare not trust to pen and paper and the risks of transit.
As I made the transit of the CARRE, I observed, as usual, the band of sewers surrounding Mdlle.
He insisted upon having two rifles slung upon his back, so that both Professors were armed when he had made his transit.
Across these minute pools the reflected stars flitted in a quick transit as she passed; she would not have known they were shining overhead if she had not seen them there--the vastest things of the universe imaged in objects so mean.
By the end of the second minute he would not have been surprised to find himself sailing through the air, urged by Mr Sheppherd's boot, his transit indicated by a dotted line and a few stars.
At no time in his transit was he visible to any save his conductor.
It is difficult to convey an idea of the degree of proud and blissful expansion to which the sad and hideous visage of Quasimodo had attained during the transit from the Palais de Justice, to the Place de Grève.
And his lady, as they were able to see her at Bun Hill, was a weather-bitten goddess, as free from refinement as a gipsy--not so much dressed as packed for transit at a high velocity.
Then the candles were relit and he was told that he would see the full light; the bandage was again removed and more than ten voices said together: "Sic transit gloria mundi.
What will be the period of transit of the projectile when endowed with sufficient initial velocity?
Incontestably," replied Nicholl; "and even by this same formula I can always tell you its speed at any point of its transit.
Then raising her head and gazing wistfully across the street noisy with the endless transit of innumerable bargains, she said with intense gravity: