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Fishing efforts included the numbers and powers of drift gill net vessel, crab pot vessel and trawl vessels.
Fishing was undertaken using a single-rig Harkess (Prestonpans, Scotland), rock-hopper trawl fitted with an 85-mm diamond mesh net and a square mesh 120-mm Cod Recovery Zone Panel (standard commercial net and rig).
At the beginning of this millennium, the double rig trawl fleet expanded their operations to the border of the shelf and upper slope grounds, exploiting resources like the pink cusk-eel (Genypterus brasiliensis), Brazilian codling (Urophycis mystacea), Argentine hake (Merluccius hubbs), monkfish (Lophius gastrophysus), flatfish (Paralichthys spp.
The descending limb on the right side suggests that larger fishes are less vulnerable to the survey in some way, perhaps because they are better able to escape the trawl or are separated spatially from smaller fishes.
In the Colombian Caribbean, the shrimp trawl fleet reached a total of 100 fishing vessels in the 80's.
One design was called the "forward barrier," which consisted of a panel of webbing attached to and sloping forward from the headrope down to a bottom-line that ran between the trawl doors.
Fishing ships from the former Soviet Union used trawls to fish the Corner Rise Seamounts between 1976 and 1996, seeking the bug-eyed alfonsino fish--often sold in stores as snapper.
Fishers will be prohibited from using the practice, which involves dragging large trawl nets along the sea floor, in marine regions where deep-water corals and other sensitive ecosystems are known or likely to exist, unless the area has been previously assessed and protective measures are in place.
Later, former trawl nets were replaced by new American designs, mainly because these were simpler and easier to handle, and a substantial increase of their fishing efficiency was observed.
Across the Tasman, New Zealand has led a host of other countries, including Australia, in agreeing to prevent bottom trawling, a fishing method that involves dragging trawl nets along the sea floor, damaging coral reefs in international waters of the South Pacific.
This import prohibition does not apply in cases where the Department of State certifies to Congress that the government of the harvesting nation has taken certain specific measures to reduce the incidental taking of sea turtles in its shrimp trawl fisheries or that the fishing environment of the harvesting nation does not pose a threat to sea turtle species.