TRBCThomas Road Baptist Church (Lynchburg, VA)
TRBCThomson Reuters Business Classification (global company standardization)
TRBCThe Royal Basket Company (Bronx, NY)
TRBCTagged Red Blood Cell
TRBCTransmitter-Receiver-Based Code
TRBCTree Shrew Red Blood Cell (zoology)
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John Morton, Senior Vice President who headed the development of TRBC, said that "extensive work in response tendency demonstrates that rating scores, treated as gospel in most market research, are quite ambiguous.
With TRBC," said Morton, "we are now able to more accurately differentiate between groups and even among different countries or culture.
Actual research studies showed that when TRBC was introduced, the ability to predict loyal usage of Kodak Film increased by 109 percent.
TRBC can now be used to assess the response tendencies of countries or regions so that country-by-country result can be meaningfully compared and integrated.
Nasdaq NMS: TRBC SUPPLEMENTAL FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE DATA (A) January 17, 2002 (In thousands, except per share and ratio data) 2001 1QTR 2QTR 3QTR 4QTR YEAR TO DATE PERFORMANCE DATA FOR THE PERIOD: Net interest income $5,977 $5,863 $7,098 $7,397 $26,335 Net interest income tax equivalency adjustment 106 105 103 120 434 Net income 1,532 1,426 1,937 2,274 7,169 PERFORMANCE PERCENTAGES (annualized): Return on average equity 10.
Twin Rivers Baptist Church - The TRBC Kids will present the musical "GPS" at 4 p.
8 million shares of TRBC stock used in the acquisition satisfied the IRS's Private letter ruling to raise capital post spin-off from the Company's former parent company.
For the quarter ended June 30, 2000, TRBC had net income of $1,260,000, or $0.
PHW006 07/19/2000 09:12 r f bc-PA-TRBC-earnings (MONROEVILLE) TRBC Announces Second Quarter Earnings