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TRBPTAR RNA binding protein
TRBPThames River Basin Partnership (Connecticut)
TRBPThyroid Hormone Receptor-Binding Protein (biochemistry)
TRBPThermal Reduction Batch Processor
TRBPTruncated Recursive Back Propagation (networking)
TRBPTandem Repeat Binding Protein
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TRBP, a regulator of cellular PKR and HIV-1 virus expression, interacts with Dicer and functions in RNA silencing.
The July 9 hearing that was set to occur before Judge Michael Lynn where procedures for the sale, "stalking horse" status for the Greenberg/Ryan group, and approval of the payment for a $15 million "Break-Up Fee" that would go to that group, should it not be selected, was cancelled by TRBP and changed to status conference.
In mammalian cells, TRBP recruits argonaute protein (Ago2/ EIF2C2); together Dicer, TRBP, and Ago2 form the RNA-induced silencing complex.
The CRO, in consultation with the Debtor, shall negotiate any offers made to purchase the TRBP Assets.
What is unclear is whether these changes will allow the third class, TRBP Equity Interest, to then have its impairment lifted.
However, unless the treatment of the Lenders is modified, the Plan (as modified to date) will not be confirmable absent acceptance by the Lenders, the only class of creditors that is impaired under the present iteration of the Plan," he left the window open for TRBP to amend the Plan to address the needs of the Lenders, and setting up a situation where veto power could be revoked.