TRCAToronto and Region Conservation Authority
TRCATrademark Remedy Clarification Act
TRCATerminal Radar Control Area (FAA)
TRCATeddy Roosevelt Conservation Alliance
TRCAThree Rivers Community Action, Inc. (est. 1966; various locations; Minnesota)
TRCATechnology Resource Center of America, LLC (Denton, TX)
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ASSC and TRCA were diagnosed according to the Cooperative Study of Sickle Cell Disease (CSSCD) definitions:
However, the Court left open the question of whether Congress's attempt to subject states to suit in federal court for trademark infringement claims brought under the TRCA is a valid abrogation of state sovereign immunity.
101) College Savings Bank argued that the constructive waiver occurred when Florida Prepaid voluntarily chose to sell and advertise its for-profit CDs in interstate commerce (102) in spite of "being put on notice by the clear language of the TRCA that it would be subject to Lanham Act liability.
In assessing the legitimacy of the TRCA, which was also enacted in response to several late-1980s Supreme Court decisions and was intended to make clear that states would he subject to damages suits for false advertising claims pursuant to the Lanham Act, the Court had to decide two questions: first, whether the statute could be interpreted as a legitimate congressional effort to provide for the "remediation or prevention of constitutional violations" of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and second, whether the state could be considered to have "waived its immunity from Lanham Act suits by engaging in the interstate marketing and administration of its program.
TRCA also wants the Bush Administration to dramatically increase funding and accountability for active fish and wildlife habitat management programs at national and local levels.
Experiences in such areas are the gold standard by which the best hunting and fishing experiences are judged," said Robert Munson, director of the TRCA.
The comparison between measured and predicted TRCA (Gower et al.
After a comprehensive testing and feasibility analysis of the Stirling engine cogeneration system, the piping, fittings, and sensors were designed, and the integrated trigeneration system was installed at the TRCA ASH in summer 2012.
The Conservation Authorities' mandate to manage watersheds in Ontario has determined for the TRCA the geographical boundary within which it would nurture a connection to local place and community.
In order to demonstrate and test sustainable housing technologies, TRCA along with the Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Association have built an Archetype Sustainable House (ASH) (see Figure 1) at the Living City Campus of Kortright Centre in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada (Zhang et al.