TRDATexans for the Reform of Deferred Adjudication
TRDATechnological Research and Development Authority (Titusville, FL)
TRDATip Rate Determination Agreement (IRS)
TRDATellico Reservoir Development Agency (Tennessee)
TRDAThe Royal Drive Affair (band)
TRDATennessee Rental Dealers Association
TRDATaiwan Rescue Dog Association
TRDATax Rebate Discounting Act (Canada)
TRDATransition Radiation Detector Analog (chip)
TRDATennessee Reservoir Development Agency
TRDAThree Rivers Dulcimer Association (Waverly, Tennessee)
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By infusing new technology into businesses and schools, the TRDA helps to strengthen the economy and education throughout the state and nation.
Participation in either a TRDA or TRAC is voluntary.
A TRDA represents an agreement between the IRS and the employer that specifies an agreed-upon rate of tips for each occupational category of tipped employees.
While both programs were initially available for all employers, there appears to be a push toward the TRDA agreements.
Employers that sign the TRDA agreement will be deemed in compliance, meaning the IRS will not audit the employer's payroll tax returns for periods prior to the agreement, or for those years covered by the agreement, as long as the employer remains in compliance with the agreement.
In addition, the TRDA program requires the employer to provide the IRS with quarterly reports detailing the number of total employees and participating employees.
Having a TRDA agreement might also affect hiring practices.
Under TRDA, participating employees report charged and cash tips at a fixed percentage of total sales, even though some employees may have received more or less than the fixed rate.
The IRS may terminate the TRDA agreement if this percentage is not met.
In practice, the IRS has not conducted any of these audits after an employer has entered into a TRDA.
The Supreme Court's decision may make the IRS less flexible in arriving at the terms of TRDA and TRAC agreements.