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TRENTheological Research Exchange Network
TRENTransport and Energy (European Commission)
TRENTasmanian Research and Education Network (Australia)
TRENThe Real Estate Network (various organizations)
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Finally, DG TREN presented its energy market observation system, covering electricity, gas downstream, oil and gas upstream, refining and petroleum product markets.
Two legislative proposals are being considered by DG TREN, although no firm decisions have been reached at this stage.
DG TREN may also produce a draft Directive harmonising minimum criteria in road transport contracts: it would make provision for a price review clause in the event of rising costs, notably fuel prices.
President Barroso has decided to create a third post of Deputy DG at DG TREN responsible for energy activities (Directorates B, C and D) in Brussels.
The "more qualitative and less quantitative action" will, according to DG TREN, allow the Commission to better contribute, albeit indirectly, to objectives set in the fight against the clandestine traffic in nuclear technologies, in this era of global terrorism.
In its interpreting note, DG TREN acknowledges that Member States enjoy considerable latitude in the method used to arrive at this result but nevertheless suggests a series of guidelines in order to help achieve the objective of transparency for consumers to make comparisons.
DG TREN is expected to publish them as European Commission position papers, even though they are not expected to be endorsed by the team of Commissioners.
DG TREN proposes to publish a Communication in the first quarter of 2004 on the implementation of the Declaration of European interest in energy and transport TENs, which aims to accelerate consultation on the construction of interconnectors in an enlarged Europe.
Fernando de Esteban, Deputy Director General of DG Energy and Transport (TREN), (full member) and Stefan Tostmann, Head of Unit, Intermodality & Logistics, TREN (alternate);
Within DG TREN it is felt that the vigorous lobbying of certain environmental organisations for the abandonment of the project has not helped the situation.
DG TREN will also issue a Communication on power trade with non-EU countries next month, which may lead to a Council mandate for negotiating Agreements with third countries in this area.
The new symbol for Torrent Energy Corporation is TREN.