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TRENTheological Research Exchange Network
TRENTransport and Energy (European Commission)
TRENTasmanian Research and Education Network (Australia)
TRENThe Real Estate Network (various organizations)
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The suit further alleges, in furtherance of this scheme, Dynamic Sports Nutrition used the Internet to disseminate its false product claims to consumers across the United States, and to enable consumers to purchase Dynamic Sports Nutrition's D-anabol 25 DECA 200, TREN 75, and Pituitary Growth Hormone products online.
The lawsuit also alleges, in an attempt to gain an advantage in these markets, Defendants falsely and misleadingly advertised the D-ANABOL 25, DECA 200, and TREN 75 products by comparing and/or equating said products to anabolic steroids.
Several travel groups met on 5 June 2007 for 90 minutes with officials at DG TREN to discuss the core consumer protections that should be retained in any revision to the CRS Code of Conduct.