TRICOMTransportation Research Implementation Consortium for Operations and Management
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We were surprised with the hindrances imposed by most of EDL directorates thinking that we will eventually despair and give up," TRICOM statement said, confirming an open sit-in until their requests are fulfilled.
Therion is using TRICOM as part of its pox virus vector-based approach to cancer immunotherapy for prostate, pancreatic and other cancers.
TRICOM USA's retail operations, targeted at Dominican expatriates and other ethnic groups in the Northeastern U.
The installation of this multimedia gateway in Puerto Rico is the first step in our regional expansion and demonstrates TRICOM's commitment to building a second-to-none network in the region," said Arturo Pellerano, chairman and CEO of TRICOM.
TRICOM intends to leverage its competitive experience and strategic asset base, including its switching facilities and international fiber optic submarine cable systems, to export key elements of its successful business model into the region.
and Latin America, as well as garnering the benefits of safe, clear and ubiquitous international roaming services", commented Arturo Pellerano, chairman and CEO of TRICOM.
BellSouth welcomes TRICOM to our growing international roaming consortium," said Mike Reynolds, president of BellSouth International Wireless Services.
TRICOM is a full-service telecommunications provider in the Dominican Republic, and a facilities-based long distance carrier in the United States.