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TRIPSTrade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRIPSTera-op Reliable Intelligently Adaptive Processing System
TRIPSTRansport Improvement Planning System
TRIPSTransportation Resources Intra-County for Physically Handicapped and Senior Citizens
TRIPSTravel Reporting/Information/Planning System
TRIPSTENCAP Real-Time Image Processing Spectrograph
TRIPSThe Research Informed Practice Site (resource)
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Tom had been back from the Peru trip for some months, when we again find him interested in some of the work of Professor Bumper, as set forth in the magazine mentioned.
This lady, having gathered, from George's conversation, that he was from Kentucky, seemed evidently disposed to cultivate his acquaintance; in which design she was seconded by the graces of her little girl, who was about as pretty a plaything as ever diverted the weariness of a fortnight's trip on a steamboat.
Two months and a half elapsed in these trips, and Edmond had become as skilful a coaster as he had been a hardy seaman; he had formed an acquaintance with all the smugglers on the coast, and learned all the Masonic signs by which these half pirates recognize each other.
From that I went a few trips in a fore-and-after, in the same trade, which, after all, was but a blind kind of sailing in the dark, where a man larns but little, excepting how to steer by the stars.
Then he come to dad, towin' Penn, - thet was two trips back, - an' sez he an' Penn must fish a trip fer their health.
They told him of their little diseases, and, more important, the diseases of their tiny, sure-footed cattle; of trips as far as Kotgarh, where the strange missionaries live, and beyond even to marvellous Simla, where the streets are paved with silver, and anyone, look you, can get service with the Sahibs, who ride about in two-wheeled carts and spend money with a spade.
Why, I re- member how he used to go about looking very sick for three days before he had to leave home on one of his trips to South Shields for coal.
The fellow would take the boat and my father's best gun and treat himself to little shooting trips.
There he sits as easy and happy as if he was at home, in the chair by his fireside; he trips against no stones, saves shoe-leather, and gets on he hardly knows how.
Mr Galloway was in the habit of taking occasional trips to Great Britain to confer with the general manager of his London branch.
He recognized me from the three trips that I had taken with him during my captivity among the First Born.
I have gone shooting trips with several of them in the course of my life, and they have always proved themselves the best and bravest and nicest fellows I ever met, though sadly given, some of them, to the use of profane language.