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TRISTransportation Research Information Service (US Dept. of Transportation)
TRISTraffic and Road Information System (Canada)
TRISToxic Chemical Release Inventory System (US EPA; also seen as TCRIS)
TRISTrapped Ions in Space (experiment)
TRISTelephone Routing Interactive System
TRISTraining Records Information System
TRISTransportation Rate Information System
TRISTraining Requirements & Information System
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About Tris Pharma Tris Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of technologies-driven products.
TRIS and its derivatives might immediately react with an isocyanate hardener or catalyze a reaction of isocyanate and hydroxyl groups of a PUR foam extrusion product and a hydroxyalkyd binder, and thus, viscosity of the paint rose quickly after the addition of a hardener.
Jeanine's looking for Divergents, Tris (who's Divergent) is looking for Jeanine, declaring in so many words that she plans to kill her (like I said, the franchise is surprisingly red-blooded).
Tensions between Tris and Peter spill over just as the gun-toting forces of Erudite led by Eric (Jai Courtney) gatecrash the bucolic idyll.
Peter betrays the fugitives but Tris, Four and Caleb escape and head for the only sanctuary left to them: the realm of the factionless under the control of Four's conniving mother, Evelyn (Naomi Watts).
Tested trio: From left, Theo James as Four, Miles Teller as Peter and Shailene Woodley as Tris |
Much of the drama of "Insurgent'' takes place in a virtual reality in which Tris frequently faces various simulation challenges, forcing her to reconcile her guilt in the death of her parents, as seen in the first installment.
The plot once again follows Tris and her boyfriend, Four, as they try to assemble what remains of the Dauntless group in order to form an insurgency against Erudite Jeanine, who has wiped out the entire Abnegation tribe.
In the new film, Divergents are hunted by brutal militias and Tris must stop them.
Based on Veronica Roth's novel, the film picks up the story three days after the end of Divergent (released last year), with Tris and Four on the run after foiling a plot to use mind-controlled Dauntless troops to attack the Abnegation faction.
After the events of the movie "Divergent," Tris and Four are on the run and are being pursued by Jeanine.