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TRITONTriangle Trans-Ocean Buoy Network
TRITONThree-Ton Unit
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Triton is the largest of Neptune's 13 known moons, or satellites.
PaySpot is the latest service to go live in the Triton Waves(TM) program completing the first bundle of Triton Waves, which includes CashWorks(TM) check cashing and Western Union(R) @ATM money transfers.
Besides Voyager's intriguing Triton images, photos taken in the late 1970s by the Viking craft recorded 6-km-high dust devils on Mars.
This agreement is a significant benefit for Triton," said Gregory Lykiardopoulos, Chairman and CEO for Triton.
Triton also filed a Notice of Appeal and Motion for Reconsideration before the U.
In Neptune was the featured attraction of the encounter, its moon Triton stole the show.
The transaction offers Triton Europe investors greater liquidity and the upside potential of Triton Energy's international prospects.
Triton could have gone around this path as many as 100 million times, picking off lesser moons all the while, says Goldreich.
Our European business is developing quickly," said Gregory Lykiardopoulos, Chairman and CEO for Triton.
Triton and Actava are parties to a Stockholder Agreement under which Triton has the right to designate two of the nine members of Actava's Board of Directors.
Tomasko of the University of Arizona in Tucson note that the atmosphere's optical depth, essentially a measure of its opacity, is likely to have increased nearly tenfold since the first spectral observations of Triton in 1975, but probably not enough to hide its surface.
We are pleased with the increased European investor base in Triton Energy which results from this transaction," said Thomas G.