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TRKATyrosine Receptor Kinase A (biochemistry)
TRKATropomyosin-Receptor Kinase A
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Correlations among neural cell adhesion molecule, nerve growth factor, and its receptors, TrkA, TrkB, TrkC, and p75, in perineural invasion by basal cell and cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas.
They also found AZ23 to be more effective in human AML cell lines that expressed higher levels of TRKA.
Nerve growth factor (NGF) influences differentiation and proliferation of myogenic cells in vitro via TrKA.
MIM-D3 is a small molecule mimetic of nerve growth factor (NGF) that binds specifically to the TrkA receptor.
In eye care, the Company also announced a licensing agreement with Mimetogen, a clinical stage biotechnology company, to develop and commercialize tavilermide (MIM-D3), a topical formulation of a novel small molecule TrkA agonist for the treatment of dry eye disease.
210,244,245) In addition, SNT-1/FRS-2[alpha] and SNT-2/FRS-2[beta] (Suc-1 and Suc-2-associated neurotrophic factor-induced phosphorylated target/fibroblast receptor substrates) are membrane docking proteins that normally mediate signaling from fibroblast growth factor receptor and nerve growth factor receptor TrkA to RAS and MAPK; NPM-ALK physically associates with SNT-1 and SNT-2.
In this cell line, activation of the TrkA receptor by its ligand NGF leads to differentiation.
Several molecular markers have been identified, variously related to patient survival: deletion or allelic loss of the short arm of chromosome 1 (10); DNA ploidy (11); the expression of nerve growth factor receptor, encoded by the TRKA gene (12); and the expression of genes involved in multidrug resistance (MDR1 and MRP) (13,14) as well as of genes related to tumor invasion and metastasis (nm23 and CD44) (15,16).
PG110 prevents the interaction of NGF with both its receptors, the high-affinity receptor TrKA and the low affinity receptor p75.
Catherine will lead Creabilis' Board at an exciting time for the Company as it progresses its lead product CT327, a first-in-class selective TrkA kinase inhibitor for the treatment of pruritus (itch) due to psoriasis, a condition where there is no approved standard of care currently.