TRMITopographic Relative Moisture Index (ecology)
TRMIThe Revenue Markets Inc. (Accord, NY)
TRMITexaco Refining and Marketing, Inc. (Texaco)
TRMIThe Reeds Mill Investigation (band)
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Solar radiation [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] and the TRMI were both weakly correlated with rates of succession and marginally significant.
TRMI produces automotive switches for various customers such as Toyota, NUMMI, and Ford.
Over the years TRAM, TRMI, TAC, and TRIN have received recognition from their customers for excellence in delivery, quality and service.
TRMI, which will focus exclusively on the company's refining and marketing operations on the West Coast and in the Mid- Continent regions, will remain headquartered in Los Angeles and will report to TUSA's President, as will Houston-based Texaco Exploration and Production Inc.
Vice President and currently President of TRMI, assumes responsibility for the company's worldwide operations involved in natural gas processing, gas liquids, gas pipelines, gas sales and marketing.
and Ireland, and Managing Director - Manufacturing and Marketing for Texaco Limited in London assumes the position of President of TRMI and will relocate to Los Angeles.
Shaw has been appointed General Manager - Business Development with responsibility for coordinating opportunities within TRMI for developing branded sales of product.
Commenting on these management changes, Matthews said, "These moves reflect the new TRMI focus which has been shifted from a regional and geographic oversight structure to a functional program-management organization concept.
He served as Vice President of the Tulsa- based Central Region of TRMI between 1988 and 1990, Vice President of TRMI's Western Region from 1990-93 and Senior Vice President of TRMI in Los Angeles from 1993 until his current appointment.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, TRMI is responsible for manufacturing, shipping and marketing transportation fuels and heating oil as well as blending and marketing lubricants in the U.
Matthews has been President of TRMI since December 1993, serving previously as Vice President of Texaco USA's Gas Department.