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TROPICSTropical River-Ocean Processes in Coastal Settings (Australian Institute of Marine Science)
TROPICSTransparent Object-oriented Parallel Information Computing System
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The Wet Tropics community places a high importance on the values of their waterways for the many benefits they provide.
Based in Sarasota, Florida, Tropics is focuses on the workers' compensation market for mono-line carriers, state and self-insured funds as well as other specialty workers' compensation organisations.
Insurity said that the Tropics brand will be retained with the organisation operating as 'Tropics, an Insurity company.
It wouldn't be a surprise if Dean Ivory reached for the hood again and Tropics shouldn't be dismissed in Group sprints from now until the end of the season on account of that one poor run.
Taken together, these trends indicate a global average migration of about Io of latitude per decade--similar to the movement of the tropics identified in past studies.
Although scientists have known since the middle of the 19th century that the tropics are teeming with species while the poles harbor relatively few, the origin of the most dramatic and pervasive biodiversity on Earth has never been clear.
Scientists already knew the tropics have been widening by around 0.
The Tropics punished a disorganised Huskies' defence to go up 18-8.
Belying the pristine appearance of many areas, native vegetation over much of the Wet Tropics has been fragmented by historic land use.
This is my third series circling the tropics, starting with a journey around the Equator a few years ago, when I really fell in love with that part of the world.
With unusual breadth, The Tropics of Empire examines fifteen hundred years of intellectual history as context for understanding Columbus's motives.
Rather, the tropics accumulated its astounding abundance of species largely because life has thrived there so long.