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TRPCThurston Regional Planning Council
TRPCTransient Receptor Potential Canonical (protein)
TRPCThe Retirement Plan Company (est. 1992; Brentwood, TN)
TRPCThree Rivers Paddling Club (Pittsburgh, PA)
TRPCTransaction Remote Procedure Call
TRPCTahoe Regional Planning Commission (California and Nevada; now Tahoe Regional Planning Agency)
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gov/ more than 370 TRP amino acid (AA) sequences, including members of mammalian TRPA, TRPV, TRPM, TRPC, TRPML, TRPP, Drosophila sp.
TRPC, TRPM, and TRPN also share the TRP domain, a 23-25 AA conserved sequence upstream of the six-transmembrane domain (Venkatachalam and Montell, 2007; Latorre et al.
2015b), the TRPV and TRPC inhibitor SKF 96365 (Li et al.
2010) and (2011) found that kisspeptin neurons were depolarized by leptin via activating TRPC in guinea pig.
Leptin excites proopiomelanocortin neurons via activation of TRPC channels.
Guinea pig kisspeptin neurons are depolarized by leptin via activation of TRPC channels.
131-134) Astrocytes ubiquitously express several isoforms of TRPC channels, of which heteromers assembled from TRPC1, 4 and/or 5 subunits likely act as stretch-activated channels.
2003) Formation of novel TRPC channels by complex subunit interactions in embryonic brain.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: Cn, calcineurin; NFAT, nuclear factor of activated T cells; IL-2, interleukin 2; CnI, Cn inhibitor; CsA, cyclosporin A; RCAN1, regulator of calcineurin 1; DYRK1A, dual-specificity tyrosine phosphorylation--regulated kinase 1A; AD, Alzheimer disease; TGF-[beta], transforming growth factor [beta]; TRPC, transient receptor potential channel; COX-2, cyclooxygenase 2; NKCC2, [Na.
The project aims at generation of 41,200 permanent jobs through TFDPC and TRPC and another 35,000 jobs in private sectors.
Transient Receptor Potential Cannonical-1 (TRPC1) is the founding member of TRPC sub-family, is known to be expressed ubiquitously and is a prime a store operated plasma membrane calcium channel that regulates calcium entry into the cell.
Out of twenty-one Asia Pacific economies, Malaysia ranked third in regulatory and policy environment, behind Singapore and Hong Kong (Australian APEC Study Centre and TRPC 2015).