TRTFNTaku River Tlingit First Nation (Canada)
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To date Adanac and the TRTFN have committed to develop a mutually cooperative, professional, and transparent relationship to progress the Ruby Creek Project while respecting TRTFN rights and title within TRTFN territory.
TRTFN Clan Director for Land and Resources, Bryan Jack stated that "the TRTFN is supportive of responsible mineral exploration and mine development in the TRTFN Territory.
The Agreement recognizes that the Yellowjacket Project is located within the TRTFN Territory; and, the YJV holds certain interests and rights granted by British Columbia to extract gold resources.
The Agreement provides employment and training opportunities to TRTFN members and contracts for fuel purchases and other services necessary for mining and exploration activities, including a contract to conduct environmental monitoring at the Project.
In addition, Yellowjacket has agreed to contract TRTFN to study the feasibility of supplying power to the Project from a hydroelectric facility nearby that is owned and operated by the Atlin Tlingit Development Corporation.
I would like to thank the TRTFN Leadership and members of the negotiating team for this rewarding experience, and look forward to working further with TRTFN".
The TRTFN have been invaluable advisors during this process and I am proud of our joint commitment to environmental responsibility and the local community.
The TRTFN were active participants in the review and approval of the Permit.