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TRUBThree Rivers Underground Brewers (Pittsburgh, PA)
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In the previous couple of years, buildings had no problem hitting that 51 percent number," Trub said.
Using Sequent's platform, the Trub SP-TSM service offers a secure, over-the-air (OTA) channel for a broad set of card issuers to provision and manage the lifecycle of credit, prepaid, loyalty, reward, access, transit and other cards on the secure elements of mobile devices.
If you're buying in Manhattan, you're generally above the subprime mess," Trub said.
These days, nine out of ten Swiss-made plastic cards come from Trub, which has also supplied ID cards for Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Latvia, Poland, Hong Kong and Dubai.
The benefits of this composite will be discussed and will include the following i) improved compaction of whirlpool trub resulting in an increase in wort yield ii) carrageenan/micronized PVPP treated wort fermented better in terms of the drop in gravity as a function of fermentation time iii) improved filtration iv) improved beer haze and colloidal stability v) improved yeast vitality and crop.
Isabelle Alfano, Director of CARTES events, Comexposium, said: "Last week's CARTES in Asia saw many new companies including China UnionPay, Ingenico and Oberthur exhibiting alongside returning exhibitors including HID Global, Trub, Watchdata and Zebra Technologies.
The Trub Group comprises a number of companies in Europe.
in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, will supply 16 BookMaster Desk systems for the personalisation of passports to Trub AG in Aarau, Switzerland.
Though Slosberg can engage in discussions about trub, flocculation, and humulones, he is adamant about skipping the beer tech-talk when addressing beer wholesalers and retailers.
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