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An hour had elapsed ere that archangel's trump had subsided into tonal nothingness.
Tom was very near shouting to be set down when he found himself back in the blanket, but thought of East, and didn't; and so took his three tosses without a kick or a cry, and was called a young trump for his pains.
All included," calmly retorted Fogg; adding, as he threw down the cards, "Two trumps.
I've been thinking all along that clubs were trumps.
Vanity occasionally leads a man to display wealth, but sooner or later the Emperor trumps up a charge against him--any sort of one will do--and confiscates his property.
Love was the king card of trumps, the fifth ace, the joker in a game of tenderfoot poker.
Arnold unexpectedly discovered the eight of Trumps in his hand.
Elizabeth had the feeling that she had played her ace of trumps and by some miracle lost the trick.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Trump International Hotel(TM) Las Vegas introduces a new "Glamping" package for families who wish to experience luxury camping, TRUMP style.
High-resolution photos from the Trump family's visit and ribbon cutting ceremony can be downloaded at http://www.
Trump was in Southern California on Friday to promote a 17-city casting call for the sixth season of the NBC reality show ``The Apprentice,'' which will be filmed in Los Angeles for the first time.