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TRUPSTrust Preferred Security (finance)
TRUPSCapital Trust Pass-Through Securities
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PB) redeemed $88 million of TruPS across seven CDOs following the acquisition of the bank by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in June 2017.
2) "FDIC Prepares Offering of Trups CDOs," Asset-Backed Alert, June 2014, p.
The company has one remaining variable-rate TRUPs issuance outstanding, issued by Rurban Statutory Trust II in September 2005, with an outstanding aggregate principal amount of USD 10.
TruPS that meet certain criteria; and (6) raising the assumed recovery
35% Enhanced TRUPS issued by Citigroup Capital XVII (CUSIP 17311H209) (collectively, the "Redeemed TRUPSA").
In any discussion of TruPS issues, it helps to have a historical understanding of TruPS, which begins with the Boards October 21, 1996, press release approving the use of certain cumulative preferred stock instruments in Tier 1 capital for bank holding companies (BHCs).
The Series F TRuPS will be redeemed at a price of USD25.
19 August 2014 - According to the latest index results published by US-based ratings agency Fitch Ratings the number of combined defaults and deferrals for US bank TruPS CDOs has decreased to 22.
By 2009, the total TruPS issued reached approximately $157 billion, which represents the high point for the dollar amount of TruPS issued.
Zions Bancorp said on Monday that it was taking the non-cash charge and putting its entire portfolio of TruPs CDO's up for sale because it believed the securities would be considered 'disallowed investments under the Volcker Rule.