TRVBTechnische Richtlinien Vorbeugender Brandschutz (German: Technical Guidelines for Fire Protection; Austria)
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semantica, Imagenes Los primeros, absurdas, TRVB, tuvieron puntajes version modificada mas bajos en del TOL [22], WP2 funciones [3].
Manufacture, delivery and installation of sprinkler extinguishing systems (technical components - submission and acceptance test) according to EN 12845 and TRVB 127 S.
The subject of this procurement procedure is to hire a contractor with the consulting firm (interim management), project management, part performance of project management, warranty support of project management, planning and construction-facility management consultancy, Bausicherheitskoordination gem BauKG, fire protection coordination according TRVB A 149 for the planning and construction phase.