TRWDTarrant Regional Water District (Texas)
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We are very pleased that the project has received this Platinum recognition from the ISI," said Rachel Ickert, water resources engineering director, TRWD.
The bonds are special limited obligations of TRWD payable from pledged revenues, which consist mainly of payments made by the cities of Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield and the Trinity River Authority (TRA; combined, the contractors) pursuant to the Tarrant County Regional Supply Facilities Amendatory contract (the contract) between TRWD and the contractors.
Fitch will monitor what impact, if any, this increase has on member agencies' capacity to meet their debt service obligations to the TRWD.
ASCE, the business director of the IPL program at TRWD.
Additionally, over the past decade, TRWD and DWU have embraced conservation efforts such as restricting lawn watering during dry periods.
Under the contract, the contractors agree to make monthly payments to TRWD equal to the annual requirement of the district's operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses, debt service requirements (including debt service on the bonds), and any other requirement under the district's bond resolution, including replenishment of any draws on the debt service reserve fund.
CUIRE looks forward to work closely with TRWD and other project participants during the pipeline construction.
TRWD will request that mandatory water conservation measures be implemented if the total system demand exceeds the east Texas pipelines' capability to transport water.
CUIRE is fortunate to be involved in this unique and challenging project and looks forward to work closely with TRWD and other project participants.
Once completed, this 147-mile pipeline will transport water from Lake Palestine, Cedar Creek Reservoir and Richland-Chambers Reservoir back to the TRWD and Dallas service areas.
The TRWD and the city of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) own or hold water rights or contracts for a combined 14 surface water reservoirs and provide raw water transmission facilities for many cities and water agencies across North Central Texas.
Notes: A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at TRWD Glazer Building, 500 East Northside Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76164.