TSBSTrench Schottky Barrier Schottky (rectifier)
TSBSTri-State Budgerigar Society (Marlboro, NJ)
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In January, she was handed the job of expanding TSBS to the entire company, which means translating it into 10 languages for 39,000 employees worldwide.
The TSBS appears not to reflect well the relationship between sleep difficulty and childhood obesity status.
Each TSBS has therefore up-to-date local RWS information, which is delivered to every MEU passing by.
The communication between the TSCU and the TSBS occurs straightforwardly in the fixed network, posing no challenges.
Finally, we need to ensure that the most crucial data will be exchanged in the platform without any delay also when there are no TSBS nearby.
The TSBS is also collecting weather data itself and delivering it to the TSCU.
In the pilot system we deployed the specific services listed in Table I into a simple pilot platform, consisting on a TSCU, two TSBS base stations and two operating vehicles.
The local road weather service (RWS) collects observed weather data from vehicles and TSBSs installed by the roads.
Prochnow A, Magnago TSBS, Urbanetto JS, Beck CLC, Lima SBS, Greco PBT.
Beltrame MT, Magnago TSBS, Kirchhof ALC, Marconato CS, Morais BX.