TSDCTexas State Data Center
TSDCThermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents
TSDCToga Subsurface Data Center
TSDCTasmanian Scuba Diving Club (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
TSDCTrident Signal Data Converter
TSDCTechnical Support to Developing Countries
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In this work, we use the dielectric TSDC technique to obtain insight on the slow molecular mobility in the amorphous part of semicrystalline PBS.
1 percent in TSDC by the target date of July 1st,2009 and make it a Toshiba Group subsidiary.
To examine the potential for TSDC in main chain (longitudinal) thermotropic polyme r liquid crystals, we utilize a known and extensively researched copolymer of polyethylene terephthalate: PET/xPHB where x denotes the mole fraction of PHB.
A related method, which is known as the thermally stimulated depolarization current, or TSDC technique, has come to be regarded as a viable method for studying the relaxation properties of polymers.
Figure 7 shows for CPU- rich thermoplastic-AIPNs the composition dependence of the TSDC peak temperature for the [alpha] and MWS peaks ([T.
The quantity of liberated space charges was also determined from the integration of the first TSDC run with respect to time, and the values are also given in Table 5 (which also provides the magnitude of the true pyroelectric coefficients of the three materials).
These values of p(T) were calculated from three successive TSDC runs using Eq 16.
Finally, a TSDC spectrum was obtained by heating the sample at a uniform rate of 0.