TSDFTruncated Signed Distance Function (computer graphics)
TSDFThe Synthetic Dream Foundation
TSDFTouristikservice Daniel Fett (advertising agency; Germany)
TSDFTime Slot Duty Factor
TSDFTreatment Storage and/or Disposal Facility
TSDFToxic Substance Disposal Facility
TSDFTACAIR System Development Facility
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type=1) TSDF also revealed that Rick and others capture cops and they are going to use them against the hospital group in "The Walking Dead" Season 5, Episode 8, "Coda.
Further, TSDFs regulated under Subtitle C are required to clean up any releases of hazardous waste or constituents from solid waste management units at the facility, as well as beyond the facility boundary, as necessary to protect human health and the environment.
as TSDFs that require a RCRA permit in order to legally operate.
Both the TSDF and CF had striking differences in both microhabitat use and temporal partitioning.
In Gujarat, 13 industries have set up their own TSDFs, while 6 other facilities have been set up for use by clusters of industries.
Each entry documents a shipment originating from a generator and arriving at a TSDF, and reports the federal and California codes identifying the type of waste and its volume (in tons), the disposal method selected by the generator, the generator's and TSDF's EPA identification numbers, and the counties where they are located.
Unlike TRI and waste site data, TSDF data is more complete in terms of the inclusiveness of cases.
First, there is the disturbing revelation that zip code regions containing a TSDF are themselves far more likely to contain other sources of pollution.
A class 1 or 2 Registry site[;] a TSDF subject to corrective action or closure under permit or order issued under the Department's hazardous waste management regulatory ("RCRA") program[;] a TSDF operating under interim status under the RCRA program that is subject to enforcement action leading to the issuance of an order containing a corrective action schedule.
To these companies, it has become painfully apparent that reliance upon EPA licensure or approval as the sole criteria for using a TSDF does nothing to protect their liability interests.
According to spoilers by TSDF, other survivors are not present in this episode of "The Walking Dead.
8 miles) of a TSDF nationally, by state and so forth to the demographic characteristics in