TSGHTri-Service General Hospital (National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan)
TSGHTowards Sustainable Global Health (international conference)
TSGHTalk Shoot Get Hit (polite form; getting kicked off online gaming)
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To further evaluate the effects of incorporation of PGY assessment scores in the TSGH assignment strategy of the PGY trainees who were dispatched to TSGH, we compared the assessment scores between PGY trainees who attained the training before and after the implementation of the new assignment strategy that incorporated 15% of PGY assessment scores.
As shown in [Table 3], PGY trainees who had been assigned to TSGH had better scores in CbD, mini-CEX and DOPS than those who had been assigned to other RTHs.
The changed assignment strategy resulted in a maximum shift in the ranking of 3 in 2012 trainees in TSGH residents (data not shown).