TSICTake Stock in Children
TSICTropical Sportswear International Corp
TSICTelia Sonera International Carrier (Sweden)
TSICTechnical Session Improvement Committee (IEEE Power Engineering Society)
TSICTactical Sensor Integration Capability
TSICTemperature Sensor Integrated Circuit (technology climate control)
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TSIC operates one of the world's most extensive fiber backbones and also a proud partner of SUP46 and carrier for over 1200 wholesale customers in 110 countries.
As a top five' carrier in the Americas today, TSIC has added 50 new, large-scale customers this year alone.
TSIC offers a full portfolio of transport, IP, international voice and IPX- based services with customers in 85 countries around the world.
These corporations, operating in 156 different industries, were defined by a 4-digit TSIC code.
Since our TEJ database gave us a sales value and a production value for each product of each corporation, we attached each product's records to a 4-digit TSIC code and then obtained a sales value and a production value for each business line.
As international communications continue to expand, it remains vital to assure our partners of the quality of calls to our full range of destinations worldwide, said Simon Dodsworth, vice president of voice and mobile at TSIC.
In addition to reducing manual error-prone tasks, TSIC will be able to adapt in near-real-time to events such as quality dips to protect its margins and service levels.
Benefiting from Ciena s programmable OPnA architecture, TSIC is simplifying its infrastructure converging SDH, Ethernet and OTN onto a dynamic infrastructure.
TSIC has worked with Middle Eastern operators for over 20 years and now continues to build on its position as a major international voice aggregator and one of the top providers of Internet backbone routes to the region.
Utilizing TSIC 40000 KM fibre network in US and Europe Transatlantic capacity has been identified as a scarce resource.
Originally from New Zealand, Brendan has been working in key roles at TSIC since 2001.
TSIC, a leading global IP carrier, operates a wholly owned fiber optic network connecting 200 Points of Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America and Asia.