TSIITexas School Improvement Initiative (Texas Education Agency; Austin, TX)
TSIITourism Statistics Improvement Initiative (UK)
TSIITrojan Spirit II
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The compositors of E1 used a copy of TSII as setting-copy for the English first edition, and worked without reference either to MS or to TCCI.
Almost none of the errors in TCCI and TSII were noticed or corrected at any stage.
21): that is, she would have been fond of me, if she had become my wife, but an error in TSII left the text as "er'd bin fond o' me' (that is, she was fond of me, once).
With TSII, our component-based STP solution will now cover all key aspects of transaction flow across the global markets.
Its common stock is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol TSII.