TSILTata Sponge Iron Limited (India)
TSILTemporary Services Insurance Limited (Cayman Islands)
TSILTime Significant Item List
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Significantly, the ionic liquid formed after the reaction (IL-OH), on treatment with NH4SCN in acetonitrile regenerated this TSIL (TSIL-SCN) thus allowing recycling of the TSIL.
Moreover, for the economical and ecological reasons, TSILs nowadays are very fascinating to the researchers from a wide variety of fields, especially the area of organic synthesis, and some of them have even been applied to the chemical industry.
TSIL, backed by its established brands and the absence of a large integrated player with a comparable product portfolio, has maintained a dominant market position.
This is because the size of the industry, for the products manufactured by TSIL, is not large.
CRISIL believes that TSIL will sustain improvement in its operating margin and maintain its strong financial risk profile.
The potential of novel TSILs with specific coordinating abilities for rare earth metal extraction and separation, including fundamental studies to improve understanding of the underpinning extraction mechanisms will be explored.