TSOTThe Sands of Time (gaming)
TSOTThe Stick of Truth (South Park video game)
TSOTThin Small Outline Transistor
TSOTTony Stewart on Track (fan club)
TSOTTrident Sonar Operator Trainer
TSOTTime Spent on Treatment (dermatology)
TSOTTotal System Operational Test
TSOTTestosterone-Secreting Ovarian Tumor
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Curiously, NHTSA adopted TSOT as a suitable test venue, and rejected static task time, even though TSOT is tightly predicted by static task time ([r.
TaskTime and TSOT Mean Data from CAMP-DWM study Appendices `[52].
The EL7513IL is now available in sample quantities in an 8-pin TSOT package.
MAS9161 is encapsulated to a thin TSOT 5 package, and it is available with several output voltage versions such as 2.