TSPDThyristor Surge Protection Device (semiconductors)
TSPDThrift Savings Plan Division (National Finance Center)
TSPDTowards Sustainable Product Design (UK)
TSPDTraining and Service Programs Division (US Department of Education)
TSPDTotal Servo Phase Delay
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Our primary interest in the reliability and validity of the TSPD was as a measure for distinguishing between those who had achieved at least Stage 5 (late adolescence) and those who had not.
The TSPD (Taylor, 2000) presented in Study 1 was used as a measure of psychosocial development.
Upon agreeing to participate in the study, each veteran received a packet consisting of the university and the federal informed consent materials and the MAST, DTS, DIT, and TSPD instruments, which the veteran thereupon completed after an instructional briefing and submitted to the researcher or his or her representative.
TSPD generally begins with production of a large number of candidate transgenic sources, or "events", for a given trait.
Only those events for which regeneration results in fertile T0 plants can be advanced further in TSPD.