TSTCTexas State Technical College
TSTCTri-State Transportation Campaign
TSTCTrenholm State Technical College (Alabama)
TSTCToo Small to Characterize (hepatitis)
TSTCTransportation Safety Training Center
TSTCTerascale High-fidelity Simulations of Turbulent Combustion
TSTCTotal Systems Technologies Corporation (Virginia)
TSTCTarget Selection & Tracking Console
TSTCTechnical Committee on Tactical Communications (IEEE)
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By all accounts, internal and external, the formula is transforming TSTC campuses.
An introduction to TSTC Harlingen resources specific to online students is provided in this module.
Michael Bettersworth, the associate vice chancellor for technology advancement at TSTC, likened the project to the way in which the Human Genome Project mapped the building blocks of DNA.
Within a brief timeframe, TSTC began receiving inquiries and invitations for presentations; one of the first was entitled "Integration of Virtual Worlds in the Classroom" for the Texas Association of College Technical Educators (TACTE), a statewide educator convention.
Settings in the TSTC Second Life campus, known as vTSTC, include a traditional classroom to help new students get comfortable as well as more innovative learning spaces designed by students, a teacher's lounge and various simulation environments.
GE, Florida Power and Light, and Shermco Industries are among other companies that have contributed materials to the TSTC program.
That's why TSTC recently formed Spivey's department and launched a network security degree program this summer, he said.
Michael Reeser, the chancellor of the TSTC system, said he expects the transition, which is expected to be completed by September 2015, to save th system "hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in overhead costs.
Graduates of the LET program earn an associate of applied science degree from TSTC Waco.
As is usually the case, two faculty members at TSTC devised a plan that addressed many of my questions and concerns about promoting civic engagement.
The total number of degrees and certificates awarded each year by TSTC that are considered critical to the state's 15-year effort to improve its higher education outcomes has also been increasing in recent years.