TSTLThus Saith the Lord
TSTLToo Stupid To Live
TSTLThe Sky's the Limit (christian youth camp)
TSTLTo Say the Least
TSTLThread Safe Template Library
TSTLTransmission Systems Test Lab
TSTLTurbine Surface Technologies Limited (UK)
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When Sammy, a New Yorker who doesn't back down from a challenge, discovers that there had been a third 'suicide' in the past two months, and two students have apparently disappeared from campus, her investigation goes into full swing, occasionally putting her in some TSTL moments but, what the heck, she is a reporter, right?
I thought the author was reaching a bit with a brief TSTL moment near the end of the book, but otherwise I found this a delightfully breezy, well-crafted book, and a perfect beach read.