TSVCToronto Symphony Volunteer Committee
TSVCThrough Sight Video Camera (gunnery training system)
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Similar to TSVC or any other TESLA-based approach, in such a circumstance the receiver has to wait for the next message that can be fully authenticated from the sender in order to restore the trust connection.
The proposed PAA protocol can achieve the fast and light-weight message authentication process and does not need synchronization among a group of vehicles as that required by the TSVC scheme or any other Timed Efficient Stream Loss-tolerant Authentication (TESLA) based schemes.
El pronostico en general es bueno, con una mortalidad del 8% y secuelas severas en el 2,2% de los pacientes luego de un ano8; sin embargo, otros estudios en paises en desarrollo reportan una mortalidad de la TSVC asociada al embarazo cercana al 30%, debido, posiblemente, a un diagnostico tardio o compromiso de la enfermedad de base.