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130) Yet this expert had testified to the Texas legislature with quite different concerns and conclusions, completely in line with those of the TTBR and EVEREST scientists largely contradicting his Maryland testimony.
When faced with evidence similar to that provided in the TTBR and EVEREST, Germany's Constitutional Court ruled that the electronic vote recording and tabulation systems that were used for electing the Bundestag (national legislature) violated fundamental, systemic protections of democracy and the German citizens' rights to popular sovereignty.
See TTBR, supra note 2 (detailing Secretary Bowen's decisions and the independent experts' findings in the review).
Several 2008 conference papers present scholarly versions of the reports produced in the TTBR or EVEREST.
5) A Westlaw JLR database search identified a small number of articles citing to the TTBR and EVEREST, but none, however, has been authored by an election law scholar who assessed the import of these findings with regard to the constitutional standards for the right to vote.
The TTBR assessed the actual real-world success of supposedly accessible technologies for disabled voters and finding them lacking, see infra text accompanying notes 79-82.
33) The TTBR did not review the ES&S systems, but California convened a different review.
Both TTBR and EVEREST confirmed the conclusions of this paper.
38) See UC Source Code Team Reports & UC Red Team Reports for Diebold/Premier, Sequoia, and Hart InterCivic, TTBR, supra note 2, (documenting the final reports from the University of California scientists detailing their findings from the top-to-bottom review).
49) A number of the TTBR scientists, including team leaders Matt Blaze and Giovanni Vigna, also led parts of the EVEREST work but under slightly different contractual arrangements and with a substantially lengthier research period.
Corporate delay tactics had successfully excluded the ES&S systems from TTBR review.
79) As TTBR co-principal investigator Matt Bishop summarized, "The red teams demonstrated that the security mechanisms provided for all systems analyzed were inadequate to ensure accuracy and integrity of the election results and of the systems that provide those results.