TTCWTime to Clinical Worsening
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Each features a TTCW Champion with experience of mental health problems and one of their friends or family members.
The campaign has also had a really positive impact on TTCW Champions, with 87% feeling more confident about discussing their mental health, 61% feeling more confident about seeking work or maintaining employment, 93% feeling more confident about taking part in community life and 63% feeling more confident about the future.
TTCW clearly contributes to the Together for Mental Health (TfMH) outcome of reducing inequalities, stigma and discrimination suffered by people experiencing mental health problems.
In addition, we believe that the TTCW organisational pledge also makes a valuable contribution to improving the values, attitudes and skills of professionals.
By encouraging people to talk openly and therefore seek help earlier, TTCW also helps to deliver several other TfMH outcomes such as improving whole population mental health and well-being; reducing the impact of mental health problems on individuals and communities; and promoting early intervention and supporting more people to recover.
TTCW wants to continue to grow and increase its impact.
TTCW also has plans for a new focus on children and young people, supporting teachers and schools, as well as helping to educate and support a new generation of young Champions to end stigma and discrimination.
As we approach the end of the first phase of the campaign, the TTCW team is trying to secure enough funding to maintain and expand its work, recognising that we need long-term, generational change.
Although many people in Wales recognise that discrimination is wrong and regard it as socially unacceptable, the first TTCW public attitude survey told us that one in four people believe that people with mental health problems should not be allowed to hold public office and one in 10 people think that people with mental health problems should not be allowed to have children.
It's clear that there is still work to do, but there was a fantastic energy in that room in Carmarthen and our inspirational TTCW Champions left eager to make changes.
TTCW is being supported by Hafal with our colleagues in Gofal and Mind Cymru.
The new legislation, the forthcoming strategy, TTCW and the Movin' On Up campaign mean it's a very exciting time for service users in Wales.