TTEMTechnology Transfer for Energy Management (Philippines)
TTEMTrans-Telephonic Electro-Cardiographic Monitoring (telecardiology)
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Following the BDPF, OED, PDEI and TTEM dictionaries we may single out the compound lame duck which surfaced in 18th century English and was employed in the secondary sense 'a disabled person or thing' and--more specifically--in Stock Exchange jargon, served as a name for 'one who cannot meet his financial engagements' (18th > 19th centuries).
The CNPDSUE, OED and TTEM dictionaries state that duck soup is a slang expression which originated in the 20th century and has gained currency chiefly in A.
Andrew Cox, director and general manager of TTems Rogerstone, said, 'The enhanced levels of technology and complexity we can now offer, supported by our dedicated programme management teams, means that existing and new customers will benefit greatly as a result of this capital investment programme.
Although UK manufacturing has seen challenging times in recent years, TTems reported a healthy annual turnover of pounds 50.
TTems business development director Keith Warner, who leads the team, has a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.
The relationship has developed and TTems says it is involved in a number of major US programmes.
TTems will manufacture four unique PCBAs, in anticipated volumes of 2,000 a week, to be used in two radio units.
TTems has recently worked on forging close relationships with many of the major contractors, including Raytheon, Goodrich, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.
Andrew Cox, general manager of TTems at Rogerstone said, 'TTems has worked closely with AWF, WalesTrade International and the WDA for some time now and has drawn upon the collective wealth of experience and support that these companies offer.
TTems is involved in the development of the boards, pre-production and full material procurement for the devices.