TTFATransit Transport Framework Agreement
TTFATarget Transformation Factor Analysis
TTFATechnology Training Foundation of America (San Diego, CA)
TTFATime to Fix Ambiguities
TTFATa Ta For Awhile
TTFATriple Threat Foundation for the Arts (Haddonfield, NJ)
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The RTK solution is stored in "manual mode" if the TTFA = 90s and is considered "failed" if the TTFA > 90s.
Express satisfaction at the successful implementation of corridor-based strategy among the Member States, further Express appreciation for the ECO Secretariat for its active role in the execution of the TTFA.
The TTFA, if enacted, would provide that a state may impose a tax on nonresident individuals only when the nonresident individual is physically present in or is working in that state.
BGIL's TTFA comes handy to such organizations by implementing the same for secure VPN access to their online resources.
Political will has to become stronger and statesmanship will have to be shown to effectively implement the agreements such as TTFA, TTA, ECOTA.
A TTFA spokesman said: ``We are very disappointed with the attitude of the professional clubs.
Later in the Pakistan told that Pakistan is a signatory to the TTFA and is keen to implements it in true spirit.
The member states acknowledged the realization of ECO/IRU Silk Road Truck Carawan in September-October 2010 as a jamor demonstration project in line with the provisions of the TTFA, and called upon the member states and the secretariat to implement the TTFA and start regular run of trucks in the ECO region under this agreement by January 2011.
The Executive Committee meeting will discuss important issues which include ECO Visa facilitation agreement and deliberation on the visa sticker scheme, ECO agreements on ECOTA, TTFA and ITI Corridor.
The Council expressed its satisfaction over finalization of the trilateral Agreement between ECO, IDB and UNESCAP, aimed at implementing the TTFA and developing Trans Asian Railway and Asian Highway Projects of UNESCAP, in the ECO Region.