TTIPTransatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (various organizations)
TTIPTechnology Transfer and Intellectual Property (various schools)
TTIPTitanium Tetraisopropoxide
TTIPTelecommunications and Transfer Infrastructure Program
TTIPTelecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program (US DOC)
TTIPTechnical Teens Internship Program (Technology Access Foundation; Seattle, WA)
TTIPTISS Technology Insertion Program
TTIPTRADOC Test Instrumentation Program
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They also criticize the fact that the European Commission has led or led the negotiations between both TTIP and CETA behind closed doors.
With regard to trade in services, the US wants TTIP to address three broad goals: Open EU markets to US service companies, such as transportation, insurance, entertainment, telecommunication and the like, and removal of barriers, such as nationality of service or provider; exercise higher level regulations of the finance and investment industry in Europe (that the US considers to be loosely regulated); yet retain full discretion to "regulate the financial sector and ensure the stability and integrity of the US financial system" (http://www.
In fact, the TTIP must be correctly understood not as a negotiation between two competing trading partners but as a calculated assault by transnational (read American) corporations whose sole aim is to remove any and all regulatory barriers to their activity, i.
Si bien las autoridades de Estados Unidos y la Union Europea han enfatizado los enormes beneficios economicos que el TTIP generaria de ser negociado exitosamente, partimos del supuesto de que el acuerdo no esta exento de un proposito geopolitico subyacente.
While one minister openly denouncing TTIP casts severe doubts on the future of TTIP, the second one to do so may have given TTIP the final blow, especially since the ministers represent Germany and France, the two largest economies in Europe," said Daniel Bosgraaf, an economist at ING Bank.
France's chief negotiator Matthias Fekl told radio station RMC that Paris was demanding a stop because TTIP had "no political support" in France.
The TTIP, he says, would serve as "a breeding ground for populism" and further hurt Europe's already struggling economy.
Talks on TTIP were launched in 2013 and so far 13 rounds of talks have been held.
Politicians in Europe are also following voters in turning against the TTIP.
In fact, Germany -- whose economic progress since the end of World War II has been driven by its consistent openness to international trade and economic integration, and which remains one of Europe's most open and trade-dependent economies -- would be among the main beneficiaries of the TTIP.
Because the wheeling and dealing for TTIP is not open to scrutiny, we can't be sure what will be decided, other than what has emerged in leaks and what some of these corporations have already been up to in other parts of the world.
A representative from the UK would not be guaranteed but TTIP would still be able to review state run services making sure they do not