TTLCThe Treatment and Learning Centers (various locations)
TTLCTaiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation
TTLCTotal Through-Life Cost
TTLCTiny Town Learning Center (New Jersey)
TTLCTrail to Life Camp
TTLCTurbo Tax Live Community (forum)
TTLCTulane Tower Learning Center (New Orleans, LA)
TTLCTasmanian Trades and Labor Council (Tasmania)
TTLCTall Timbers Land Conservancy (Tallahassee, FL; est. 1990)
TTLCTurf, Tree and Landscape Conference
TTLCThai Toshiba Lighting Company (Thailand)
TTLCTechnology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization (Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University)
TTLCTotal Threshold Limits Concentration
TTLCTop Tier Local Corporate
TTLCTwin Tiers Landowners Coalition (Addison, NY)
TTLCTater Tots Learning Center (Birmingham, AL)
TTLCTrenton Teen Leadership Corps (Trenton, NJ)
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Taiwan's cigarette market has clearly withered since the implementation of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act that became effective January 2009; so TTLC has been tapping new market niches overseas and taking on subcontracting business to keep production lines busy.
Foreign firms can save 27% import tax on tobacco products sold in Taiwan by cooperating with TTLC, by supplying raw materials to TTLC to produce cigarettes.
The orders from JTI and PMI will total for TTLC 100,000 cartons of cigarettes this year, generating revenues over NT$1 billion from the contract business alone.
We also considered a commission of approximately 10% collected by the TTLC from retailers in calculating the retail price of imported cigarettes.
The FLAIEU Branch was one of the largest affiliates to the TTLC with seven potentially crucial votes.
Harradine's move to the Senate in 1976 saw Bob Watling of the Federated Clerks Union step into the TTLC leadership.
In the non-arbitral states, the affiliation records of the VTHC and the TTLC were relied upon in identifying mergers.
These records were supplemented by the affiliation records of the VTHC and the TTLC.
Then TTLC purchased a $90,000 RV and outfitted it with the technology needed to service customers on site.
With growing demand for the mobile service, TTLC will be purchasing more vehicles in the coining months.
There are filtering services that we could have easily used," said Ernie Ellsworth, president of TTLC Internet & IT Solutions.
While researching the options, TTLC identified the need for a filtering system that would keep "overblocking" incidents to a minimum, while also being interactive.